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Cape Fear

We are exploring the mechanisms underlying the formation of runoff in natural hillslopes. We are investigating the onset and organization of drainage through the combined use of experimental and theoretical tools. We are advancing current observation methodologies for real time flow measurement.

Collaborators: Aldo Fiori (Univ. RomaTre), Nunzio Romano (Univ. Napoli), Maria Cristina Rulli (Polytech. Milan)


Hydroballs for the Environment

We are designing and synthesizing a novel class of particle tracers for environmental monitoring using eco-friendly materials. This innovative observational technique leverages the optical properties of materials to enable real time flow measurements in complex settings. We are conducting extensive laboratory and on site experimental characterization to evaluate the potential of the tracers in multiple natural conditions.

Collaborators: ARPAV, H2CU


Giant Raingauge

We are studying the distribution of natural rainfall and its influence on drainage formation. We are developing innovative experimental techniques to monitor and quantify precipitation. We are studying the accuracy of traditional measurement systems against innovative techniques.

Collaborators: Elisa Adirosi (CNR), Luca Baldini (CNR), Eugenio Gorgucci (CNR)


Drones for Rivers

We are studying the integration of unmanned aerial vehicle technology and hydrological surveying for advancing environmental monitoring. We design and develop custom-built aerial sensing platform for environmental measurements. We utilize and integrate commercial aerial platforms with advanced sensing systems for optimal data capture.

Collaborators: Aibotix Italia, CAE S.p.a., Centro Funzionale Regione Lazio, H2CU 


CamFlow Sensing

We are advancing flow sensing through the design and development of innovative image-based techniques for the kinematic characterization of natural water bodies. We are working on the amelioration of large scale particle image velocimetry for non-invasive flow measurement. We are studying the integration of commercial digital acquisition devices, tracers, and sensors toward the establishment of novel non-invasive and continuous sensing systems for environmental monitoring. 

Collaborators: ARPAV, H2CU, Nuovi Sistemi S.r.l.

World Heritage

We are developing novel strategies to preserve UNESCO world heritage sites from natural hazards. We analyze the impact of extreme natural events on sites of special cultural and physical significance and design innovative observational techniques to enable real time monitoring in large scale settings.

Collaborators: H2CU



  • UNESCO Chair Water Resources Management and Culture and Honors Center of Italian Universities (2014-2017): "Tecniche di monitoraggio per la salvaguardia dei siti patrimonio dell'umanità". 
  • Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Progetto Italia-USA PGR00175 (2015): "Monitoraggio ambientale di corpi idrici tramite l'utilizzo di droni". 
  • Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Progetto Italia-USA PGR00175 (2014): "Monitoraggio ambientale di corpi idrici tramite l'utilizzo di droni". 
  • Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca, PRIN 2009CA4A4A (2009-2013): "Studio di un tracciante innovativo per le applicazioni idrologiche".