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Most of the experimental activities of our research team are conducted in a natural terrain parcel at the “Azienda Agraria” of the University of Tuscia. Our outdoor lab includes a hillslope plot, a large scale raingauge system, and large scale tanks and open-channels for experimental testing.


Our research team has worked on the implementation of a pilot permanent station for the estimation of surface flow velocities from digital video acquisitions in collaboration with CAE S.p.a. and Agenzia Regionale di Protezione Civile, Centro Funzionale Regionale at Regione Lazio, Italy. The station is located on the Tiber River at Ponte del Foro Italico, Rome, and has been designed based on Mhas (multi hazard system) technology. The measurement station comprises a weatherproof internet protocol camera and laser modules for remote image calibration. Activated since January 2015, the measurement station allows for noninvasively monitoring the surface flow of the Tiber River in real time.


Since 2012, our team regularly conducts experimental research in the Rio Cordon catchment. This 7.68 km2 natural basin is located in the Dolomites, northeastern Italy. The Rio Cordon is a tributary of the Fiorentina stream that in turn flows into the Rio Cordevole. The basin drainage network extends for approximately 19 km at an average slope of 47.85%. The Rio Cordon monitoring station is equipped with a coarse sediment grille and a diversion pool for water and finer material. Also, turbidity, water discharge, and water quality are continuously monitored and transmitted to the Agenzia Regionale per la Prevenzione e Protezione Ambientale del Veneto (ARPAV) Arabba Avalanche Center for processing.

Our team actively conducts experiments on natural water bodies, spanning from small scale streams to large riverine ecosystems. Please consult the Gallery for further pictures of our experimental sites.